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Welcome to Fact-Based Investing.  I believe that working together we can do more than working alone.  Together we can protect investments from economic turbulence, build future income, and integrate Social Security with retirement income and tax planning. 

Unlike many advisors, we take steps not to give back all your investment gains.  People come to us who believe the “set it and forget it” approach may not be the path to growing and protecting their investments.

Contact me:

►If you are frustrated with the ups and downs of the Market. 

► If you are looking for individualized investment guidance.

► If you are looking for education on how to allocate your investments.

► If you have given up paying attention to your quarterly investment statement.

We provide guidance with the goal to profit in up markets and protect in down markets.

Our core belief:

1. We don’t know where the market will go, and neither does anyone else.

2. Wherever the market goes, it will get there by trending.

3. Along the way, there will be outperformers and underperformers.  Armed with these three core beliefs and by identifying market trends, we can determine our market exposure, and add outperformers to your portfolio.

Find Out More About Fact-Based Investing

 Set up your FREE 30-minute strategy session and find out if Fact-Based Investing is right for you!

 The FREE strategy session includes:

             ● A short risk assessment test

             ● A discussion on some of the options available to you

             ● An action step that you can take to increase your peace of mind

Wayne Fourman: Financial Advisor with the May Financial Group, Inc.

 Contact me by completing “Have A Question?” and indicate you would like a free strategy session.  We can meet in person, on the phone or a Skype video call.


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